What happens in the workshops?

We host all our workshops online, using Zoom. 

Workshop leaders prepare materials that you can consult before the workshop, and download to use after the workshop. 

Workshops are interactive: you can ask questions, and you will have opportunities to work with others to apply what you've learned. The course start with some short theory lessons, followed by questions and exercises.  We often use breakout rooms where you can work in small groups on the exercises and call the workshop leader in when you need help. 

If you purchase access to a live workshop, you will also have access to the recordings. It takes up to a week before the recordings are uploaded. 

If you purchase a recording, you will have unlimited access to the course. You can also ask questions with Thinkific if you need extra guidance. 

If you have feedback on your experience of a workshop, please do reach out to us: workshops@musichackspace.org. 

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