TouchDesigner meetup July - LIVE Session



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Date & Time: Saturday 31st July 4pm UK / 5pm Berlin / 8am LA / 11am NYC

Level: Open to all levels

Meetups are a great way to meet and be inspired by the TouchDesigner community.

What to expect? 

The meetup runs via Zoom, the main session will be 2-hours in length with an additional hour open to the community for collaboration and sharing in breakout rooms.

This session focuses on Shaders and will feature presentations from TouchDesigner experts: 

Josef Luis Pelz - Real-time cloth simulation in TD with GLSL

We’ll have a look at a versatile real-time cloth simulation. Besides showing some example results, I’ll try to briefly explain how the system works and how I developed it step by step. It involves pixel, vertex and compute shader.

Josef is a creative coder, generative art enthusiast and mathematician living and working in Berlin. With a background in mathematics and computer science, he is linking his passion for creative problem solving and aesthetics.

For more info check out:

Louise Lessél - Shader conversions from TouchDesigner to Raspberry Pi

Louise will present an asset she created that allows you to quickly convert Shadertoy shaders to use in your Touchdesigner projects, and to go one step further and use the shader in your Raspberry Pi projects by using Pi3D, to run either screens or LED hub-75 matrixes. The asset is available in the Touchdesigner community assets.

Louise Lessél is a Danish New Media artist and Creative Technologist based in New York. She creates digital projections and interactive light installations based on scientific facts and data input, often exploring the limits of the human perceptual system or raising ecological awareness.

For more info checkout: IG: @louiselessel

Torin Blankensmith & Peter Whidden -  Interactive 3D Shaders with Shader Park and TouchDesigner

Torin and Peter will be showcasing their new plugin which allows you to use Shader Park within TouchDesigner to quickly script interactive shaders. Explore 3D shader programming through a Javascript interface without the complexity of GLSL. Shader Park is an open source project for creating real-time graphics and procedural animations. Follow along through multiple examples using a live code editor. Expand upon the examples and bring them into TouchDesigner to create your own interactive graphics. Browse the Shader Park community’s gallery where you can fork other people’s creations or feature your own.

Torin is a freelance creative technologist, teacher, and real-time graphics artist focusing on mixed reality installations and interactive experiences. He currently works at Studio Elsewhere creating restorative immersive environments in collaboration with neuroscientists focused on patient and medical worker’s well being.

Peter is a creative software engineer whose work spans physics, astronomy, machine learning, and computer graphics. He currently works at the NY Times R&D lab focused on emerging computer vision and graphics techniques.

For more info checkout: Instagram: @blankensmithing, @peterwhidden/ Twitter: @tblankensmith

Following these presentations breakout rooms are created where you can: 

  • Talk to the presenters and ask questions
  • Join a room on topics of your choice
  • Show other participants your projects, ask for help, or help others out
  • Collaborate with others 
  • Meet peers in the chill-out breakout room



  • A computer and internet connection

  • A Zoom account


 Berlin Code of Conduct

We ask all participants to read and follow the Berlin Code of Conduct and contribute to creating a welcoming environment for everyone. 


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