Ample samples - Introduction to SuperCollider for monome norns - On-demand



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Level: Beginner (many fundamentals of SuperCollider will be covered)

SuperCollider is an amazing open-source audio synthesis and composition tool. 

In this workshop we will focus on sampling and learn how to use SuperCollider to make a fully featured sample player + looper which can be used for triggering drum kits, sequencing partitions, or a chaotic breakbeat style system. We will also learn the basics of applying effects, and finally how to integrate the resulting SuperCollider code into a new script for monome norns.


  • Learn how to use SuperCollider,

  • Learn about sample playback in SuperCollider

  • Become familiar with sample playback and effect elements of SuperCollider

  • Integrate a playback engine into monome norns

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Learn how to use SuperCollider starting from the basics

  • Understand SuperCollider UGens for sample playback and effects

  • Write SuperCollider code that can apply effects to sounds

  • Play SuperCollider samples in a monome norns script

Session Study Topics

  • Understanding UGens for sample playback

  • Develop SuperCollider code for effective sample playback

  • Use UGens to apply effects to samples

  • Norns integration with midi and samples


About the workshop leader

Zack Scholl is a Seattle, Washington based tinkerer who releases music and norns scripts as “infinite digits”.

He has been programming for 12 years as part of his job developing instrumentation and conducting experiments to understand biophysical properties of human proteins.