TouchDesigner meetup 12th June



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Level: Open to all levels


Crystal Jow: Creating Meditative Spaces

Crystal will be presenting about using physical movement and mindfulness practice to fuel interactive experiences. Her goal is to bridge the understanding of consciousness with immersive design.

Crystal Jow is a Los Angeles-based experiential media designer and movement instructor that specializes in audience-driven immersive installations and meditative experiences that explore motion and media

Germán Greiner: Audiovisual Interactivity with TouchDesigner and LeapMotion

Germán will talk about how he created an "audiovisual" instrument in which he uses hand movements to control both visuals and sounds simultaneously.

Germán Greiner is a Colombian/American software engineer and digital artist currently based in Berlin. He is interested in making innovative experiences that incorporate real time audience interaction, live coding, new instruments and synesthetic audio/visual forms.

Nima Gazestani: Interactive Solutions for Brands

Nima will show a selection of his past design projects and collaborations focused on interactivity, explaining the development and showing the behind the scenes in TD.

Nima is an interaction designer, instructor and developer based in Milan who's been working with TD since 2008, balancing his work between the ideation, research and development of interactive installations for brands and design studios, as well as working with design schools.

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